Considerations Before You Commit To Moving Your Plant To A New Location

29 April 2017
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Plant relocation comes with a tremendous amount of logistical headaches to contend with. But despite that, a move also comes with several new possibilities you probably couldn't implement before. Here's a few considerations for your new location.

Why Are You Relocating Your Plant?

It's easy to make a snap judgment, but how much consideration have you put into your plant relocation? Have you outgrown your current facilities? Are you too far away from your customer-base?

Growth comes with growing pains, but if it's more advantageous for you to stay with your current setup, then why not postpone your move while you collect a little more capital? Downsizing operations is also a viable reason for a move

If you're certain you're ready to go, you'll have to make sure the facility you're moving to can accommodate all the reasons you're leaving your current one. You will also have to analyze the risks involved with moving production elsewhere.

Is Your New Location Ready for Operations?

You will likely want to get operations up and running at the new location as soon as possible. To that end, make sure you have a fully documented plan on how to make the best use of the new location.

You'll want to know the best placement for your machinery to achieve the greatest efficiencies. You'll want to know how use the new layout to decrease throughput and increase productivity. Go over it all, then go over it all again.

You may even want to run parallel operations at the old and new facilities. In this way, you can mitigate downtime, while also working out any potential problems that occur while you're getting the new facility up and running.

Dealing With Your Equipment

Your equipment will represent one of the most challenging aspects of your move. There's many things you will have to make sure of when it comes to moving your equipment. You should already know exactly how you want all your equipment placed at the new facility.

One problem you can run into is moving the equipment, setting it all up, then finding out the new setup isn't efficient. You will have to spend time and resources to rearrange everything.

Once you're sure of your setup, you'll want to use a heavy equipment moving service that specializes in plant relocation. They will know how to move your equipment without damaging it. They will also know how to handle it properly at the new location.