A Guide To Your Post-Tensioning Work

24 November 2017
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Getting great concrete work requires you to know your needs and hire the help of a professional that can serve you. When you really require top-notch work from your concrete, post-tensioning is an excellent service to look into. This service involves your concrete being reinforced by steel wires or other such materials to get the best from the concrete for the long-term. If you're interested in, or in the market for post-tension work on your concrete, read on and apply the tips in this article:

Know why post-tensioning is worth the money and effort

The first thing you'll notice after getting post-tensioning work is just how strong your concrete will become. The slab of concrete will become incredibly durable and will be far more efficient for you overall. This means that the concrete will also be less likely to wear down and endure cracks and other such issues. Today's concrete professionals can reinforce your concrete with post-tensioning quickly so that your concrete is kept up to par without having to shut down the area for a long time. When you need great post tension work from a professional near you, it'll involve some diligence in finding the right professional. Ask about their previous work, locate their Better Business Bureau grades and take the time to gather some references when possible. 

Shop for some estimates on your post-tensioning work

To be certain that your post-tensioning work is successful, you'll want to get as many cost estimates as you can find. The work for post-tensioning will depend on the size of the slab that you're reinforcing. Concrete work can cost approximately $3.39 per square foot, so you'll want to start speaking with some professionals near you to know for certain. There are a lot of contractors that handle concrete work, so get as many bids as you need. 

Be strategic with your project

Once you put the right team into place, make sure that you diligently apply for all of the permits and other paperwork that you might need. You'll want to keep your site safe by taping it off and making sure you have signage in place warning people of construction. Be sure that you hold pre-construction meetings to get everyone on the same page before starting the work. You'll also need to be sure that the contractors have a dry storage area to keep materials during the project. 

If you're in need of post-tensioning work, these tips will serve you well.