A Guide To Scaffolding Rental

19 March 2018
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Painting a large commercial building is a process that goes much smoother and quicker if you use a scaffolding system. Most professional painters will prefer a steady scaffolding system over even a cherrypicker or hydraulic crane, which are also both more expensive than a scaffolding system. A scaffolding system allows a handful of painters to be working on the building at once, making the job more time efficient that if just one person is working from a crane. In the end, renting a scaffolding system is going to speed up the painting and cut a few days off of larger paint projects.

Renting and Setting Up Your Own Scaffolding

There are a few ways to rent scaffolding. The cheapest method is to rent and set it up yourself.  Equipment rental facilities will have complete kits for just about any commercial building. Of course, these aren't meant for suspension set up and can't be set up on high rise buildings. A scaffolding system is definitely easy to set up if anyone in your crew has experience with them. However, there could be a sever learning curve. That is, if you have never set up a scaffolding system, you could spend a lot time just trying to figure it out. No matter how many people you have working on it, if they don't have the experience the job could slow down the process.

Letting Professionals Set Up and Take Down the Scaffolding

This is why most contractors just let professionals set up and take down their scaffolding system. First of all, this gives your better assurance that your scaffolding will be safe and you won't have any issues with it. Also, your crew won't need to waste their days trying to figure out the scaffolding. Instead, while the professionals are installing your system, your crew can be focusing on the projects they are trained and licensed for. You are bound to have your scaffolding set up quicker and more effectively if you let pros do it.

Most foremen will gladly contract out the scaffolding set up. This is even true for small residential paint jobs that require a scaffolding system. Basically, it is safer, smarter, and more financially sound to let the pros do the work. This way project managers can avoid potential insurance issues that could arise if any one is injured while working on the scaffolding.

In the end, scaffolding system are well worth the investment. Contact a company, like El Camino Rental , for more help.