Three Ways Cranes Get Around, And How To Use Them

20 October 2017
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Cranes are exceedingly large and heavy machines. They require powerful engines to move, but that power is delivered to the jobs they do. From construction to demolition, these heavy duty vehicles are able to tackle anything. In order to move properly, these cranes also rely on three means of mobility. Depending on the job you need them to do, you can get a crane that moves via one of the following three ways.


Cranes that are attached to barges are ideal for building, or demolishing, bridges. If that is the type of project on which you are working, you can rent or buy one of these cranes. You will find them located at a nearby shipyard, where they are frequently docked until they are needed. Then you will need a crane operator that also knows how to steer a barge up or down river to the job site. 

Crawler Tracks

These cranes move about like army tanks. Their crawler tracks help these cranes move over all different kinds of terrain. They can easily move over sand, hard rocky terrains, and most forms of soil. They are not recommended for super-soft muddy areas as the tracks can get stuck in the mud and the weight of the cranes cause them to sink deeper into the mud if you try to get the crane to crawl out.

All-Terrain Tires/Wheels

Finally, many cranes (except for barge cranes) use all-terrain tires and wheels to get around. These huge, fat tires not only support the weight of the cranes, but they also can go over much of the same terrain as crawler tracks do. Additionally, if these cranes get a tire or two stuck in some very thick, very wet mud, it is easier to get them out of the mud because the rest of the tires can help pull the stuck tires out. When all else fails, there are rescue towing vehicles that you can hire to pull the wheeled cranes and crawler cranes out of a sticky situation.

Crane Rentals

Crane rentals are a good way to save money without having to buy a crane. Additionally, if your rental crane does get stuck, or something goes awry, you can call the rental company for help. The rental company usually can either rescue the vehicle on their own, or they have a partner company that can come and help free the truck from a sticky situation.

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