Using Scaffolding To Reach The High Spots And Get The Work Done

23 January 2018
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There will be times when an area of a home or building that requires repair is high enough off the ground that you can not reach it. While a ladder may work, it may not be the safest or easiest way to get the work done. Scaffolding can change that for you and is typically a lot more comfortable to work from. No more hanging off the building like Spiderman, but instead, solid, safe, and a comfortable to work from.

What Is Scaffolding?

Scaffolding is a platform that is constructed to make it easier to work on the highest parts of a building. It can be used inside or outside and can be a temporary situation that the contractor built, or a permanent one that many people prefer when working for long periods of time on the highest parts of the structure. Materials are varied but most are made of steel or aluminum and can be assembled on site. Thick boards make up the deck area that you walk on but most often these boards are old, rough-cut timbers that are used over and over again.

Putting It All Together

When you start assembling the scaffolding, you may find that it can be tougher than it looks. The pipes don't always line up and the sections are very heavy when you are trying to handle them alone. It is important that the sections be fully engaged and that they are locked in place. The side pieces from the "x" on the section and is critical to the strength of the structure. Without the triangular cross pieces, the scaffolding would eventually rack or bend and the scaffolding would collapse. Make sure you assemble the scaffold to the manufacturer's specification and you should be fine.

Where To Get Scaffolding

If you are just in need of some scaffolding while you paint your house or replace your roof, you can rent scaffolding sections from a tool and equipment rental shop. This is the best way to get the amount you need without having to spend the money to purchase the scaffolding. If you are a contractor who wants to buy scaffolding, you can order it through your local tool supply or from the local home center. If you will be using it often, purchasing it for use over and over again can be very cost effective. Make sure you pick material that is easy to work with and will stand the test of time.